Geek is the new chic

Check out this actual ad copy from a Best Buy flyer:

“We love love reading installation manuals so you don’t have to. Connecting components, mounting TVs, dressing wires-Geek Squad is here to do all the work for you”

Ah – the geek squad – my true family. I mean, who doesn’t love “connecting components, mounting TVS, and dressing wires. (What the heck is “dressing wires”? Do wires have pants?) In any case, we do love reading install guides. In fact, many of us got into this profession because we love reading guides so much, that when we read a poorly written one, we knew we could do better.

At least that’s one of the geeky reasons I became I tech writer – what’s your reason?


One thought on “Geek is the new chic

  1. It was a fairly smooth transition. I was wrapping up a computer science degree, and then stumbled upon technical writing. After a bit more research, it really appealed to me. Programming was fun, but there was something fascinating about help new users understand complex software.

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