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Image result for Ultimate Dog TeaseThe Ultimate Dog Tease YouTube video has been viewed millions of times. It’s a hilarious clip of an unseen owner unbearably teasing his dog about food. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now, then return to this article.


Pretty funny, eh? Andre Grantham, the creator of this video and several other talking animal videos, is from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was unemployed when this video was released, but soon received a job offer.

What makes this video so funny is its simplicity. There are no special CGI talking animal effects – the movement of the dog’s mouth is all natural, as is the dog’s ever hopeful expression.

Because we don’t see the owner talking, and because the “talking” done by the dog doesn’t match the dog’s mouth exactly, it would be quite easy to dub in your own script. I’m not a video editor, but here’s the script I would write for this video:

Me: So I got this draft back.
Dog: Yeah.
Me: Yup – a SME took the time to review it, can you believe it?
Dog: Yeah.
Me: Anyway, I looked through the whole draft…
Dog: Looked through the draft, yeah.
Me: And the reviewer wrote on it..
Dog: Yeah.
Dog: Ohhhhwwww…..you’re kiddin’ me.

Me: Then I started working on this other guide.
Dog: Yeah. 
Me: A user guide. 
Dog: A user guide, yeah. 
Me: It had lots of really nice screenshots. Very pretty.
Dog: Yeah. 
Me: We were all set to release the guide, but then you know what?
Dog: What?
Me: The marketers changed the screen design!
Dog: Ohhhhwwww…..

Me: Then my boss called me into his office. 
Dog: Yeah.
Me: He said we’d be getting a brand new content management system.
Dog: What would be in it?
Me: Well, it would have versioning, multiple outputs, workflow management..
Dog: Workflow management, yeah.
Me: …be DITA-based and fully customizable.
Dog: Yeah.
Me: My boss said we could get it real soon.
Dog: Yeah.
Me: But to pay for it…
Dog: Yeah.
Me: …he’d have to lay off me and half the writers!
Dog: Ohhhhwwww…..


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Doc Tease

  1. Cute! I think I've been in conversations like that with developers, only I'm doing the dog's part: “We're going to give you a working version of the product…” “Yeah…” “When we get to code freeze.” “Oooowwwww!”

  2. That is absolutely smashing! The dog video had me rolling around on the floor…my guts hurt. The ultimate doc tease is a scream.

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