Join my army

See the source imageI have an endless fascination with the military. The idea of a select group of strong, well-trained, disciplined individuals united together for common purpose is deeply engrossing. It is the ultimate example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, for no man (or woman) is an army.

The military is so vast that in most countries it is broken up into separate parts or divisions, typically:

  • regular army
  • navy
  • air force
  • marines
  • special forces, and
  • coast guard

However, even all these enormous parts (and all their many respective divisions and subgroups) must work together as a single unit. A country would be in chaos if its army was in conflict with its air force, for example. They all must work as one.

Now, most of use do not have the mental strength, courage and physical endurance to serve in the military. But we can all appreciate its discipline and fortitude. Even business uses military metaphors, when they talk about “going to war”, “taking no prisoners”, and “destroying the enemy”.

A technical communicator is a soldier, of sorts. We battle against misinformation, obfuscation, and incomprehensible or missing information. We fight for clarity, truth, accuracy, relevancy, brevity, practicality, efficiency and logic. Ultimately, we fight for our end users when they have no-one else to defend them.

I am currently building an army of technical communicators. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, email me your resume. Once I’ve confirmed you have the required experience, I’ll add you to my email list. I regularly receive job updates from a number of recruiters and distribute these to the list.

Dare to join the army of informational warriors. Enlist in the technical communication army today!