TWW – Live and In Concert!

Related imageA Tech Writer’s World (TWW, a.k.a. me) will be live on stage, sort of.

I’ll be the final speaker at the 2010 Toronto STC Career Day, to be held at Seneca@York.

Watch me demonstrate how a resume can be both short and long at the same time, by drawing from the mysterious world of quantum mechanics.

View my notes from this event.

Be there or be triangular!


Un-super Size Me

Image result for supersize meIt’s astounding that the very people whose job it is to be concise fail to be concise on their most important document: their resume. I plead guilty to this word-crime.

After consulting with an expert, I reduced my resume from 650 words to 300. How? By hacking off the crap that had accumulated over the years, and then simplifying the leftovers.

My resume is now a page and a half and can be read in 20 seconds. Considering the mountains of lengthy resumes employers must sift through, a short and concise one is a breath of fresh air.

Isn’t this extreme editing? Yes, it is. Try it; you can always back up your super-sized resume.